“Allow me to introduce myself, I am the one who looks like everybody else…”

Lyrics from the song “Just Like You” from my first album “Songs About It”


Some Things About Me

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I won’t bore you here with mundane details like “I went to this school…” or “I lived in that town…” I will say, however, that after my father died, my mother developed a wanderlust spirit and dragged me all over the world. No matter where we lived (Egypt, Germany, France, United Kingdom, etc.), I was always the skinny kid with the crazy hair and big mouth. I guess some things never change…

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Tribute Video: Where Have All The Flowers Gone


My Painful Tattoo on the TV Show LA Ink


New Album, Mechanical Girl, Coming Soon
New Album, Mechanical Girl, Coming Soon
I have been diligently working on my new album, Mechanical Girl, which is quite a departure from my old musical style. The album has a number of fun up-tempo songs and will be out soon...